Lovable’s birth. The little red heart, symbol of the brand, win in a few years all Italian women.


Lovable responds to the new needs of women proposing innovative bras, stuffed and lacy. The brand immediately becomes the partner of the new "female power."


Lovable’s collections span and include pajamas / home-wear, swimwear / beachwear and hosiery. Every line speaks about sensuality and beauty, confirming superior comfort and reliability as key drivers of innovation for lines, materials and style.


Lovable launches an historical revolution: Lovable Ring. An innovative structure that provides a strong and delicate support without the need of underwire.


Birth of the Lovable stores chain with shops throughout Italy to be always close to the heart of women. The Lovable cozy and elegant boutiques are a center of expertise for lingerie.


Continue the search for the ultimate well-being and born Millennium. A bra without seams on the cup that guarantees the maximum comfort and a natural modeling of curves.


Birth of the Invisible family with elastic cups able to shape the breast enhancing the décolleté.


Lovable celebrates 50th years and introduces the Ultralight bra with the innovative “zerogrammi effect” cups for maximum support and an extremely comfortable fitting.


Birth of Lovable Man, a line of underwear and nightwear for style-conscious men that pay attention to materials. The historical experience of the brand in terms of quality and innovation is now translated for man with refined products and an high attention to style.


Lovable gives way to a new intimate era with the first “cosmetic” bra: the revolutionary Lovable Tonic Lift. Thanks to Activ'Skin technology, it tone up breast skin and makes it firmer in just 28 days.


Passion, Innovation, Style, Quality are the values that continue to drive the Lovable brand to give to every man and woman an underwear with a perfect fit and high performances thanks to technological innovation and stylistic evolution always aimed at creating added value for the consumer.