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Lovable - 24 January 2017

Early Spring

As we get ready to face the coldest days of the year, when winter is at its height, we’re already thinking about warmer weather. Weather-wise, we’ll have to be patient, but nothing can stop us from dreaming about early spring! What are the trends to look out for when the flowers start to bloom? Lovable’s […]

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Lovable - 30 November 2016

It’s nearly Christmas…

December is nearly here. Lights fill the streets, houses are decorated and everything has that magical touch. Become a child again and dream a little, even with your eyes open. At this special time, we want to wear something that makes us feel part of this fairy-tale atmosphere. On the one hand, timeless traditional colours […]

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Lovable - 13 October 2016


A lace bra is the perfect tribute to refined, seductive sensuality – that touch of magic every woman wants have in her drawer. If we had to choose one material which embodies femininity, we would surely say embroidered lace. The fine pattern, rich in details, reveals our desires and our emotions, expressing the sensual side […]

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Lovable - 4 July 2016

A Summer’s Day

Finally, a weekend at the beach! Long summer days with friends at the beach. Before you leave home, make sure you’ve picked the right swimwear! Should it be a bikini or one-piece? A quick check in your wardrobe and then the mirror: the yellow embroidered bandeau bra gives a sunny, lively look, or what about […]

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Lovable - 24 May 2016

Longing for summer?

By early summer we’re thinking about the upcoming holidays. While waiting for your much-needed break, why not have a sneak peek of the warm weather atmosphere? There’s nothing better than that holiday feeling. Choose your costume and imagine relaxing days at the beach or by the pool. Choosing swimwear should never be a casual decision. […]

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Lovable - 20 April 2016

The secret for a perfect silhouette is under your clothing

It’s happened to all of us: we’ve given up our favourite look so as not to highlight our flaws under our clothing. Being comfortable should make us feel good and at ease in every situation whether at work, spending an evening with friends or even on a date. Don’t underestimate the freedom to wear a […]

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Lovable - 4 March 2016

An Easy Style Spring

This month get ready to welcome spring with a smile. The sun is warmer, the days get longer and milder temperatures invite us to spend more time outdoors. Is there anyone who hasn’t already planned a weekend get-away? The air is invigorating and with it comes the urge to wear something new, fun and smart, […]

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Lovable - 18 January 2016

Spring is in the air

You know, we’re all a little down after holidays. Going back to everyday life, especially after Christmas and New Year, doesn’t help our mood. Nevertheless it’s the start of a new year – new surprises, new opportunities and unexpected encounters lie ahead. January is the month for renewal and rejuvenation, making us full of good […]

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